With our clients goals always in mind and an astute business sense assessing the film landscape, Reach Glory Entertainment’s core services include global entertainment marketing, production and distribution of film and television content, and creation of intellectual property.  Reach Glory focuses on both sides of entertainment marketing partnerships to help our clients’ brands communicate key messaging, stand out from their competition and increase their brand value


Delivering yet another 'first' in the entertainment marketing industry, on behalf of client, RG negotiated for Xin to be the first used car website/mobile app to receive integration and promotional rights with the Transformer film franchise. Though it is extremely difficult to feature a website, RG successfully negotiated for a key character to interact with — resulting in very high brand visibility and the most memorable product placement of the whole film! Additionally, Reach Glory successfully negotiated with Michael Bay's team to create Xin's promotional TV spots — even though they were busy finishing the movie. These mini-Transformer stories deliver Xin's trustworthy, reliable brand message but using film assets not available to any other of the film's promotional partners. Xin is using these TV spots all over Hunan TV, outdoor, in-cinema and online. The partnership is a colossal success in raising Xin's brand awareness and reaching new consumers!


Reach Glory has achieved yet another 'first' in the entertainment marketing industry on behalf of client Vatti: Vatti is the first Chinese kitchen appliance brand to receive integration and promotional rights with a Hollywood blockbuster film. It is both rare and extremely difficult to feature a kitchen appliance, and RG negotiated for a Vatti hood and cooktop to transform into a new robot in the film! The fusing together of a cooktop and hood was a fun, engaging way to communicate that Vatti's latest product was a combination cooktop/hood and also reach a new consumer target, young men. Vatti is promoting it's strategic partnership with Transformers with an extensive campaign that includes TV, outdoor, and digital media. RG also negotiated for a license from Hasbro so that Vatti could offer 2,500 Limited Edition Transformer - logoed cooktop and hoods, creating even more excitement.


This example represents the negotiating skill and influence of Reach Glory. On behalf of MengNiu, Reach Glory Entertainment negotiated for brand integration and promotional rights with its 2017 summer film Transformers: The Last Knight. Though Michael Bay's team was intent to continue working with the incumbent dairy brand and Mengniu's bitter rival, the combination of Reach Glory's negotiating prowess, experience and readiness won Mengniu the coveted role! RG negotiated for a meaningful Mengniu integration in the film for its Just Yoghurt brand; the film's young female heroine chooses to hold and drink a Just Yoghurt during a break from robot-fighting action which results in very high visibility and positive online chatter for the brand. As one of the film's key partners in China, Mengniu is promoting Just Yoghurt in a comprehensive film-themed campaign across TV, online, outdoor and on-pack using a collector package series featuring the various robot characters.

Universal Park Beijing + MengNiu Dairy

On behalf of client MengNiu, Reach Glory pursued Universal Theme Parks for a partnership with their new Beijing resort to open in 2020. A strategic agreement was reached and MengNiu was the first partner publicly announced for Universal Park Beijing! As the new resort's exclusive dairy and ice cream brand, Mengniu will promote Universal Park Beijing and enhance the visitor experience with fun, themed treats both inside and outside the park. This strategic partnership further bolsters the international clout of the MengNiu brand.

Minions + vivo

This is the first Chinese brand collaboration with a Hollywood film that produced a custom animated TVC by the film director. Reach Glory Entertainment secured the actual filmmakers/animators to create such a successful TVC that it went viral. RG developed multiple layers to the co-promotion, including Minions-themed gifts with purchase, online shopping pages, new media marketing and off-line campaigns to promote both the brand and the film.

Independence Day: Resurgence +MengNiu

Mengniu Dairy product "Selected Meadow" had a placement in Independence Day: Resurgence. It achieves 2 brand customized TVC (30s and 60s version) and the production of Director Interview video, and further broadcasting through the co-promotion. The case is not only showing the comprehensive product logo and image in the film, but also fulfilling the interaction between actor and the product. It becomes the deepest and most iconic Hollywood cooperation in China in recent years. (更多…)

Asia Model Festival + Youku Live

The Asia Model Festival began in 2006 and is hosted by the Korea Model Association and sponsored by South Korea Ministry of Culture and Tourism. It has become the biggest modeling festival in Asia and many Korean superstars have won it. On May 21st, 2016, Reach Glory Entertainment and Youku worked together to air the live telecast of this festival in China for the first time, and it received a very enthusiastic reception from Chinese audiences.

Angry Birds Movie + Biostime Infant Milk Powder

Because of Reach Glory Entertainment's efforts, Biostime is the first Chinese milk powder brand to have secured cooperation with a Hollywood studio; this is rare because Hollywood studios typically steer away from aligning with baby products in order to keep their movie hip. Additionally, RG secured a top Hollywood animation house to create a custom TV commercial for Biostime. The TVC uses the film's humor and beloved colorful characters to promote the Biostime brand.

Captain America: Civil War + vivo

This is an incredible cooperation because the two lead characters in Marvel's 2016 summer blockbuster — heroes Captain America and tech-loving Iron Man — are featured using vivo several times throughout the movie.  Reach Glory Entertainment identified and pursued the film as a strategic fit for tech client vivo and negotiated in-depth and exclusive integration. In this film, vivo's latest smart phone is featured in the hands of Steve Rogers (Captain America) and Tony Stark uses his vivo futuristic phone to watch video, read about the bad guy and project a hologram. Reach Glory also secured studio authorization to introduce a limited edition Captain America themed smart phone. The movie cooperation helped communicate the vivo brand as high-tech, and its reputation and sales dramatically increased.

The Martian + vivo

The first Chinese brand collaboration with a Golden Globe and Oscar nominated Hollywood film. With our clients goals always in mind and an astute business sense  assessing the film landscape, Reach Glory Entertainment uncovered the perfect opportunity for client vivo to be aligned with the Academy-nominated film The Martian, a film with key Chinese story elements celebrating science and technology.  This collaboration produced a vivo sales increase and improved brand perception with the launch of a customized The Martian-themed smart phone, and also helped to grow vivo's presence in key Southeast Asian markets.

Transformers: Age of Extinction + Zhou HeiYa

To help client Zhou HeiYa 'tranform' its brand and packaging, Reach Glory Entertainment successfully partnered Zhou HeiYa with Transformers: Age of Extinction. With ZHY's goals to elevate its brand and introduce new packaging, RG forged the partnership with Transformers: Age of Extinction which catapulted Zhou HeiYa onto the international stage as pioneer among Chinese snack food brands. With the high box office and tremendous influence of the film, Zhou HeiYa's brand message“more entertainment, more fun” was emphasized using the new concept “film & food". RG very successful added entertainment to Zhou HeiYa's marketing tactics, improved its brand image, expanded its consumer targets and stimulated purchase.

X-Men: Days of Future Past + TCL

This attention-getting film collaboration for a Chinese brand further solidified TCL's position as a leader in entertainment marketing. On behalf of client TCL, Reach Glory Entertainment negotiated with 20th Century Fox to win the exclusive sponsorship of (8) premiers for blockbuster X-Men: Days of Future Past - all occurring over the course of one week - a series of publicity stunts which had never before been done.   Fox had the idea for the magic, and RG helped make it real. Leveraging X-Men imagery in all TCL ATL and BTL promotional elements, TCL gained new attention from the mainstream media and younger consumers, which was their goal.

Iron Man 3 + TCL

Reach Glory helped client TCL become the first Chinese brand to collaborate globally with a Hollywood blockbuster. Reach Glory Entertainment negotiated an alignment between TCL and Marvel's Iron Man 3, securing significant brand integration and co-promotional rights for both TCL Television and Mobile product groups, and sponsorship of the film's global and U.S. premiers. With co-promotional activation across 44 countries, TCL enjoyed a 122.2% increase in profit and established itself as the major consumer electronics player in the entertainment space.

TCL Chinese Theatre + TCL

After months of negotiation on behalf of client TCL, Reach Glory Entertainment landed the 10-year naming rights for TCL, beating out 30 other brands also vying for this coveted sponsorship.  This landmark achievement jumpstarted TCL's brand awareness in the U.S., a new market for them, and became TCL's first and very big step towards becoming an international brand. In January 2013, a naming ceremony for the new TCL Chinese Theatre was held in the forecourt of the theater. Reach Glory Entertainment invited 5,000 members from the  international press, including mainstream and entertainment media from the United States and China to cover this milestone event, resulting in a media value of $8 million.

Iron Man 2 + Semir

Reach Glory Entertainment opened the gates for a brand new marketing tactic - leveraging the power of Hollywood - for Chinese brands. Reach Glory Entertainment was the mastermind behind the Semir and Iron Man 2 business collaboration. In this first-ever arrangement for China, RG achieved the placement of a Chinese apparel logo in a Hollywood movie, and co-promotional and licensing rights. For this partnership, RG invited a world famous designer to create clothing for Iron Man to wear in the movie and, with the release of the film,Semir launched an Iron Man series T-shirt.  This Iron Man T-shirt series was a big hit with Semir's core young consumer demographic.

Trouble Shooters – Animation & Derivatives

Customized Cartoon Series: Trouble Shooters and its derivatives The first Chinese animation intellectual property created for a brand. Now this IP and its derivatives have become the ambassadors or mascots for brands Mongdodo and Balabala and served as the basis for brand extensions for clothing lines and theme towns.  This animation is the first Chinese animated feature film co-produced with a Hollywood production team and distributed overseas. The series broke CCTV viewing records for a children's show.

Walkie Talkie Hollywood – International Talk Show

The first Chinese talk show focusing on the entertainment industry. A Chinese talk show host reveals the real Hollywood to the domestic China entertainment industry, discusses gossip and behind-the-scenes action of the most popular American films and TV shows.

Traveling Boy – International Show

The first Chinese comedy reality TV series about travel. Bonjour invites Chinese comedians Binlong Pan, QilinGuo and Junyu Wu to travel together in the most romantic country—France. The giant culture gap makes the journey inherently funny. The show attracted much discussion on Weibo after it released on iQIYI.COM.

The Jump – TV Show

The first Chinese skiing match reality TV show. With the opportunity of holding 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, Reach Glory launched the first skiing match TV show "The Jump" with a Korean production team. This TV show gets high audience ratings and makes skiing more popular in China.

Lost in White

A criminal action suspense movie completes the challenge of shooting in extremely cold environment. The film is produced by Yibai Zhang and directed by Wei Xu. Jiahui Zhang, Dawei Tong and Dongyu Zhou costar in the film. The film talks about how killer hunters conduct the chase and find out the facts.

The Law of Attraction

The only Chinese film to become one of the finalists of the main competition unit in the 2011 Montreal World Film Festival.The film was directed by Tianyu Zhao, shot by cinematographer Yu Cao who won the Golden Horse Award for best photography, and edited by ZhiliangKuang, the Asian Golden Film editor. Famous talent such as Jingchu Zhang, Tao Guo, Wenwei Mo, Liren Dai and Zhang Wen costarred. The film is a romance with a thread of conspiracy.

Color Me Love

Known as“The first Chinese fashion-romance film".. The film won “Brand Cameo” (also called Brand Oscar) Overseas Film Advertising Implant Achievement Award.

Beloved Café – TV Series

A heartwarming and emotional TV series airing on Zhejiang satellite TV and online. Nine individual characters are behind the nine stories comprising this series.  Represents the positive and assertive attitudes within the young generation of modern society.

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