三月27, 2017

On March 24, 2017, Beijing Global Resort and Mengniu Group officially announced that they have become strategic partners, Mengniu will become Beijing Global Resort official dairy and ice cream exclusive supplier.

The announcement of this long-term agreement means that visitors to the Beijing Global Resort will be able to select a wide range of milk, yogurt, ice cream and other dairy products from the products they are familiar with in the dairy brand.Mengniu is the leading milk in China This agreement is also the first strategic partnership agreement signed by Beijing Global Resort.

In addition to the supply of dairy products, Mengniu will also be in the park for product sales, product development and attractions brand exposure opportunities.

Our partnership with Mengniu means that visitors will enjoy dairy products and ice cream products in well-known brands in China in theme parks and resorts,’ said Pex Thompson, president of international operations for Universal Theme Parks and Resorts. ‘We are not only excited about the cooperation with Mengniu, but also the Mengniu will provide visitors with a variety of dazzling and highly creative dairy products and ice cream products feel excited.

Meng Minu Group President Mr. Lu Minchuan is also looking forward to the future cooperation between the two sides: ‘Beijing Universal Resort is one of the most anticipated new destinations in China and the world.Mengniu is very pleased to form a strategic alliance with the Beijing Global Resort. In addition to the future we are to integrate global resources, creatively for the resort tourists to provide high – quality nutritional dairy products, but also hope that they can enjoy the delicious at the same time get more happiness.

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